URL Encode and Decode

URL Encode and Decode

URL encode and decode

by Technology Thrill
You may use our URL Encode Decode Tool to encode and decode URLs in a single click, and it's always free. In order to use characters that are not permitted in the character set used on the webpage or are forbidden for security reasons, URL encoding and decoding is generally implemented, a method known as URL encode and decode. Percent-encoding is another name for URL Encode Decode.

A string can be encoded and decoded using the URL Encode Decode Online Tool. The encoding process transforms the string into a form that may be sent across a network without risk of unauthorised interpretation. Aside from making the string less vulnerable to being interpreted as data by a computer or user, the URL Encode Decode Online Tool also converts it into a format that may be safely stored. According to the context in which they are used, some characters are encoded differently.

URL Encode Tool Online

URL Decode Online Tool

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