Partner, Advertising & Commercial Relationships

Interested in seeing your content, product or service featured on Technology Thrill? There are four scenarios to work with us based on your goals:

  1. Guest Post: If you are a writer with knowledge of latest technology trend, gadgets, tutorials or tips and tricks and want your voice heard then you should read our Guest Post guidelines.
  2. Sponsored Post: If you have a website (with commercial products) and I want to get more visibility and ranking via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and our link authority then take a look at our Sponsored Post opportunities.
  3. Display Advertising (Ads): If you want to raise awareness and drive traffic to your site through high exposure and custom placement for a specific time period then our Display Advertising might be right for you.
  4. Affiliate: If you want to drive traffic to specific related products and services for which you have content for and pay a fee for successful leads on an ongoing basis then has us talking about a potential Affiliate Relationship.



Guest Post Guidelines

Technology Thrill is filled with well researched, high-quality content. We don’t take posts from just anyone. At a minimum:

  • Article must be complementary to (but not duplicative of) our existing content and of interest to our audience.
  • Writing quality must be to our standards (we withhold the right to not publish the article) with all statistics, studies and factual assertions cited from a non-commercial source.
  • Author must have experience in our or a related niche (technology/science).
  • Article will carry the bio of the author and can contain a follow link but only to non-commercial pages/sites (e.g. blogs without product reviews/affiliate links and advertising).
  • All external links will open in a new browser tab.
  • Content needs to be original and not published or posted (or will be posted) elsewhere, owned by Technology Thrill and are free of charge.
  • Content is owned by Technology Thrill and we reserve the right to edit it at any time.
  • We expect a follow backlink and commensurate social media posts to the article once posted on Technology Thrill from an associated site and/or social media.

For Guest Post you can read our write for us guidelines, also you can contact us here.





Display Advertising

We run a leading spice trading & nutritional informational site,

  • This authoritative domain has been ranked on top positions in several search engines and have solid traffic (~100,000 uniques/month) across a broad array of articles on technology.
  • We hosts a large number of articles written by leading authorities in there area.
  • We are expanding the content to cover a wider range of spices and herbs.
  • We have a strongly engaged audience and sizable email and social media followings.
  • We are now offering traditional display advertising and affiliate relationships to like minded partners for products and services that our audience might be interested in.
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription available

Display Advertising service is available on first come, first serve basis with very limited available slot so kindly contact us here.



Affiliate & Lead Generation

On a limited basis and for products and services we find compelling, complementary to our content and of interest to our audience, we will allow promotion of related products and services on relevant content.

  • Product or service must be related to our niche of content.
  • Product or service must be sampled by Technology Thrill before being promoted.
  • If product or service changes during the relationship, we reserve the right to change or terminate the relationship.
  • Promotion to our email list and social channels available.
  • Fees must meet a minimum threshold to continue each month.
  • All affiliate links are labelled as such.

We also consider display advertising and affiliate relationships if you might be interested in that. There is limited slots available so please contact us here.